BN PERKS® Program Opt In

Don't let your savings slip away...

I (We) hereby accept BankNewport’s offer to participate in the BN PERKS® program offered by Generations Gold Inc., and to receive specified discounts on various services. I (We) agree to pay the monthly fee of $6.95 after the 90-Day Trial in accordance with the letter and benefits package I previously received. I (We) understand that this financial institution makes no representation, expressed or implied, regarding the quality of service and products provided by the participants and shall have no liability in connection therewith. All liabilities, claims, damages and demands are the sole and direct responsibility of Generations Gold, Inc. and its independent benefits providers. I (We) hereby authorize this financial institution to release any information deemed necessary for participation in the BN PERKS® program. I (We) understand that the benefits and services are provided by Generations Gold Inc. a fully independent benefits provider.

By hitting the Submit button I/We hereby elect to enroll in the BN PERKS® program offered by Generations Gold, Inc. and agree to all terms disclosed.